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The Art & Science of Engaging Creatives that Convert Webinar


What You’ll Learn

Tired of creatives that fall flat? Struggling to break through the noise and truly captivate your mobile audience?

This exclusive webinar dives deep into the science and artistry behind crafting mobile creatives that resonate, engage, and convert.
Learn from industry experts as they unveil the secrets to developing thumb-stopping experiences that drive your campaigns to success.

The Art & Science of Engaging Creatives that Convert

  • What makes the difference - Key creative elements to boost performance
  • Trends across different verticals
  • Best practices to engage and convert your audience with effective creatives

Meet the speakers!


Pau Quevedo
VP of Gaming at Smadex


Claire Rozain
Founder at Puzzle Society

Misha Syrotiuk
Head of Growth at Playvalve

 João Vieira da Costa Smadex Creatives Webinar

João Vieira da Costa
CEO & Founder at Replai

Theuri Keith
Associate Performance Marketer at Carry1st

Don't miss this chance to...


Boost your creative game!
Learn from the masters and unlock the secrets to crafting winning mobile creatives.
Stay ahead of the curve.
Discover the latest trends and best practices to keep your campaigns competitive.
Get actionable insights
Gain practical tips and strategies to implement immediately and see results.

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