Case Study
How SoundCloud
Beat Their CPI Goal
by 53% on SKAd Network

SKAd Network put in motion a new mobile programmatic framework marked by loss of user-level data and reduced visibility of post-install events.

Like most advertisers, SoundCloud needed to re-learn how to run campaigns and achieve results on iOS without utilizing the device ID.

Learn how SoundCloud reached a CPI 50% under goal on our latest case study.

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Fast Results and
Record-low CPI

Smadex's Flexible Mapping was the key to identify faster what combination of variables achieved the best performance and shortening the learning curve.

  • 1st test campaign on SKAdNetwork for SoundCloud
  • 7 days to reach the target CPI
  • 50% of target CPI

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Smadex’s Flexible Mapping is the superpower advertisers have been waiting for. With this new tool, advertisers are able to organize the 100 fields for campaign_IDs available on SKAd to map creatives, connection type, ad size, or any other variable relevant

for their campaigns.

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